EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2013 - Parents MUST attend a Parent Class PRIOR to scheduling a Student’s Driving Lessons. 


ANY lesson cancelled in favor of a sporting event will NOT be rescheduled until all remaining scheduled lessons are completed and all missed appointment fees are paid.


Driving time WILL NOT be scheduled until after the completion of the classroom portion (including all make-ups), the Parent Class is done (or a copy of a Parent Class Certificate from another school is received by our office), and all Tuition is Paid in Full. As required by law, students must also complete forty (40) hours of behind-the-wheel driving with a parent. The student must hold a permit for a full six (6) months (183 days) before he/she is eligible for a license. We try to spread these lessons out over the last three (3) months that they hold their permit so that their lessons are close to their license appointment.


Therefore, driving lessons are scheduled as follows: Currently, we schedule 9 – 2 hour lessons. These lessons will be scheduled no sooner than 12 weeks prior to License Test Eligibility. If the student exhibits that he/she is NOT getting practice at home and is NOT a safe driver, then the balance of the lessons will be cancelled.


Students may be picked up at home or at school if they are residents of Andover, North Andover, Lawrence, or Methuen. Out of town students will have to be brought to and picked up at the Auto School, or one of the local High Schools unless prior arrangements are made ahead of time. On School days, to change the location where to be picked up or dropped off must be called in prior to 1PM of the day of the lesson in order to get the information to the Instructors prior to the start of their day. On non-school days, a change of location for pickup or drop off must be called in prior to 5:00 PM the day before. If a student is scheduled for a driving lesson, they must be prepared. They must have their permit with them and it must be in good condition. All pertinent information must be legible and all restrictions must be adhered to. (I.e. corrective lenses if required) A forty-eight (48) hour notice is needed to cancel a lesson (prior to 5PM on Thursday afternoon for any weekend appointments).


There will be an additional Forty Dollars ($40.00) fee [Sixty Dollars ($60.00) fee for a scheduled two (2) hours of Driving only] charged to the student if the student does not meet all of the above requirements, misses an appointment, or is a no-show.

All policies and procedures are subject to change without notice. 

If you are making a payment for a balance of tuition, please inform us via email or the contact us page. Thank you!

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