License Test Requirements

         Any License Test that we may request or put a student on is NO GUARANTEE that the RMV will give us that date. It is possible for the test be moved to any day during Thursday to Tuesday of the requested weekend or cancelled by RMV at will. We have no control over the RMV.


The RMV has recently changed the requirements that we must follow in order to schedule Saturday (weekend) License Tests. So if you want to be on our list for a particular Weekend, you must follow these requirements: 

  1. Classroom, Driving, Observation & Parent Class must be completed before the Driver’s Ed Certificate can be ordered and the student can be put on a License Test list. 

  2. We need a check payable to the North Andover Auto School for $15 on or before the last on-road to ensure the Driver’s Education Certificate (DE Cert) is issued in ample time.*

  3. $90 check PAYABLE to North Andover Auto School at least two weeks before the test. 

  4. The RMV is also requiring that NO financial transactions take place during the Weekend License Testing. Therefore, all fees must be paid at the RMV or online. You can pay in advance or you have up to 30 days after the test to go back to an RMV branch to pay for and process the License/REAL ID. Please be advised that the student’s signed permit will NOT act as an active license after they pass until all RMV fees have been cleared up at the RMV. RMV FEES ARE NOT INCLUDED IN OUR $90 SPONSOR FEE. Please see RMV’s website for information on the REAL ID.

In Summary: 

  1. ALL Requirements done before Driver’s Ed Certificate can be ordered.  

  2. $15 check PAYABLE to North Andover Auto School on or before the last on-road lesson. * 

  3. $90 (or $120) check payable to North Andover Auto School at least two weeks before test. 

  4. Pay online or in person at one of the local RMV branches to take care of all RMV fees. RMV FEES ARE NOT INCLUDED IN OUR $90 SPONSOR FEE. 

The current course tuition, effective June 1st 2018, INCLUDES the cost of the driver's education certificate fee

All policies and procedures are subject to change without notice. 

If you are making a payment for a balance of tuition, please inform us via email or the contact us page. Thank you!

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