The below fees are additional fees that may be incurred by the student or purchased separately by a non-student.

  • Individual Driving Instruction only: $65.00 per lesson. 

  • 12 Hours Behind the Wheel Training: $550.00. 

  • 6 Hours Behind the Wheel Training: $350.00. 

  • Extra 1 Hour lesson for Students: $40.00 

  • ½ Hour License Test Refresher Lesson prior to License Test: $25.00 

  • 30 Hour Classroom Instruction only: $350.00. 

  • 2 Hour Parent Class: $50.00. 

  • $120.00 for Individuals who wish to have the Auto School sponsor them for their RMV License Test who have not been students of ours. These individuals may need to take a minimum of (2) two on-road lessons with the Auto School prior to the License appointment. You may choose one of the aforementioned License Test Options. 

  • Special Letters to the Massachusetts RMV: $25.00 

  • Special Letters to another school, auto school, or other state RMV: $25.00 

  • Special arrangements may be made for combinations of above items. 

  • Special offers may be applicable only on Complete Tuition Package. 

  • All Prices Subject to Change without notice. 

  • All policies and procedures are subject to change without notice. 

If you are making a payment for a balance of tuition, please inform us via email or the contact us page. Thank you!

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